Giorgio Tesi Group honored by Swiss Business Group as “The Best Small and Average Company”

Last Wednesday, 17th of April, in Fribourg, Switzerland, the third edition of Start2Match with 80 participants from Italy and other foreign countries, such as Korea, presented Giorgio Tesi Group “The Best Small and Average Company”. The award has been handed in by the President of the Swiss Business Group, Vincenzo Caci and it has been accepted by a delegation of the Marketing Department represented by Fabio Fondatori, CEO of Communication and Marketing Department and Maria Grazia Taddeo, Commercial Assistant.

Giorgio Tesi Group was voted by participating companies and Jury of Swiss administrators from the District of Fribourg. Those who took part in were: the Prefect of Fribourg, the President of the Chamber of Commerce- district of Switzerland and other institutional representatives.

Giorgio Tesi Group was selected for eco efficiency in production and environmental certificates for product quality. Giorgio Tesi Group plants delighted visitors, companies and institutions.

Start2Match was organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland and Swiss Business Group (consisting of 140 members ) which focuses on the importance of innovation and technology related to business development, thus introducing an international reality within the Swiss country. The event was organized for internationalization of the PMI and STARTUP and so, to create economical development in Italy.

The companies’ internationalization is the key to success. That’s why the Start2Match is an important event. It helps developing businesses and companies that are interested in selling their products to Switzerland and other countries.

This interesting event represents a new way for companies and startups to experience a new opportunity in business matching with companies and entrepreneurs in the international marketplace.


This-The Small and Average Company-award confered to Giorgio Tesi Group is a very important decoration for our company,” Fabrizio Tesi, Legal Representative of Giorgio Group said. “First of all because it has been decided by the other, important companies, like those from Italian-swiss web rating. It is also very nice to had been appreciated not only by the other, also bigger, companies but also by the Swiss institutions. This award fortifies us in the constant increase and it confirms that our efforts toward the efficiency and the environmental respect are fundamental to make Giorgio Tesi Group respected in Europe.”

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