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Giorgio Tesi Group is expecting you at the renovated IPM ESSEN 2018

In 2018, visitors to the 36th IPM Essen, the main international horticultural fair, scheduled for 23-26 January, will be able to appreciate some of the areas in the new Messe Essen that were affected by last year’s renovation work.


Innovations in 2018 also include the re-distribution of Italian exhibitors who will no longer all be located in Hall 6, as at the last show, but will be spread throughout various pavilions.


This year, the Giorgio Tesi Group stand will welcome visitors in HALLE 7 - D37, with over 100 square meters of exhibition space, set up with the best specimens from the company’s production.


We are expecting to see you 23-26 January at IPM ESSEN, HALLE 7 - 37, from 9.00 to...

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FABRIZIO TESI, the new president of Coldiretti Pistoia

″United, we have come out of a difficult phase″


Fabrizio Tesi is the new president of Coldiretti Pistoia. The 52-year-old Tesi is the legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group, European leader in ornamental nurseries.

Tesi’s election took place against a background of renewal of about 80% of the assembly members of the main provincial agricultural association.

″I would like to thank all those who chose me and voted for the provincial presidency of such a prestigious and important association. I have always been part of the Coldiretti family,″ Fabrizio Tesi stated. ″Taking over the role of provincial president fills me with pride, and I am conscious of the sensitivity of the commitments that await me.″



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This Pistoia-based company, European leader in ornamental plant production, is among the founders of Filiera Italia, the new association that brings together the Italian agriculture and food industry, to support and defend ″Made in Italy″ products.

Promoted by Coldiretti, Ferrero, Inalca/Cremonini and the Consorzio Casalasco (Pomì and De Rica), the founding partners of Filiera Italia include Giorgio Tesi Group together with such other important, large Italian companies as Bonifiche Ferraresi, Ocrim, Farchioni Olii, Cirio agricola, Donnafugata, Maccarese, Ol.MaTerre Moretti (Bellavista) and Amenduni SpA., which have formed an association united by the common values of local and national identity, transparency, and sustainability.


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Important agreement for one of the most internationally famous Italian nursery-gardening companies.

Giorgio Tesi Group, for the 2017/2018 season, becomes Technical Supplier of AC Milan.

The company from Pistoia, European leader in the nursery gardening sector of ornamental plants that exports to 54 countries worldwide and boasts 18 production nurseries (located in the general headquarters of Pistoia and in the branches of Piadena, San Benedetto del Tronto, Grosseto and Orbetello) has already been collaborating for years with one of the most successful footballs clubs in the world, and for next year the collaboration agreement has reached a...

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Excellent results for FLORMART 2017 and signs of recovery from the sector

Giorgio Tesi Group is satisfied with its participation

Pistoia - The 68th edition of FLORMART, the International Nursery-gardening Show, held from 21 to 23 September at the Fair of Padova, recorded excellent results. 7 pavilions, 316 exhibitors representing 18 Italian regions, 45 foreign companies coming from 15 Countries (together in a sole pavilion), 66 international buyers and more than double of last year’s visitors.

Giorgio Tesi Group participated with a 56 sqm stand inside pavilion 5 dedicated to the companies associated to ANVE, Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters), where there also were the foreign companies invited by the Fair.

A stand where the plants and people were protagonists along with the...

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Giorgio Tesi Group participates in the 68th edition of FLORMART together with ANVE – Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters)

As every year we will be participating in Flormart, the international nursery and gardening exhibition that will take place in Padua from 21 to 23 September.

Our company’s stand will be located within the PAVILION 5 - STAND B 074-1 dedicated to ANVE - Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters), of which we are a member.

In the pavilion, apart from Giorgio Tesi Group, also other 25 companies members of ANVE with the aim of offering to the visitors of FLORMART an overview of the Italian nursery and gardening sector from north to south. 

 The fair is reserved to the operators of...

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See you at IPM 2017 – Essen, 24-27 January


In 2017, we will once again be at the IPM Essen international fair scheduled 24-27 January. Come visit us at stand B24, Hall 14 and take advantage of this perfect opportunity to plan spring 2017 together with our staff.

We are looking forward to see many of you there!

For more information: Tel. +39 0573 530051 - contatti@giorgiotesigroup.it

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Press Release of the Tesi Family regarding the Giorgio Tesi Group and Sandro Bruschi Vivai agreement


In these last days we have witnessed, with great surprise, the spreading of news and information, some false, others only biased, regarding the contents and effects of the agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Sandro Bruschi Vivai. We have heard and read all kinds of things and noticed, since published in newspapers, a lot of confusion, part of which created ad hoc always by the same people with the same old system in order to discredit, set up people and sling dirt, organise meetings or having them organised with the aim of misrepresenting persons and companies that have always been working seriously and honestly. Therefore, we have decided to intervene to set the record straight, which is what we did with those that asked us for information.


First of all I would like to express our disappointment for the...

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Agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Vivai Sandro Bruschi


Giorgio Tesi Group company and Vivai Sandro Bruschi company communicate they have defined and signed and agreement thanks to which the 42 posts of Bruschi Vivai will be maintained



″I am pleased to have defined this agreement and thank Giorgio Tesi Group – says Sandro Bruschi – because the difficult market conditions put at risk the continuation of the company activity and the preservation of its range of products, relations, and brand″.



″Despite the difficulties of the economic context and markets – says Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of Giorgio Tesi Group – with this agreement we believe to have taken a step forward towards a growth perspective. For us it is an additional challenge and a solidarity operation...

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It is already time to think about Christmas and the external decorations.










The typical Christmas tree is of course fir, but there are many other trees, such as the Cedrus or Pinus, which are ideal for the decorations of this period of the year.

Not only simple trees, but also shaped plants, as for example spiral or round shapes. Alternative proposals to the classical fir that will give that special and original touch to your holidays, but that can be...

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La Giorgio Tesi Group protagonista al Milan Tennis Challenge 2016

La Giorgio Tesi Group ha partecipato con Pablo Fedeli all’edizione 2016 del Milan Tennis Challenge che si è svolto al Forte Village Resort di Santa Margherita di Pula. Un appuntamento di sport e di solidarietà che ha visto trionfare Fedeli nella squadra con Massimo Taibi e Serginho




La Giorgio Tesi Group ha partecipato al Nutrilite Tennis Challenge 2016, annuale appuntamento di tennis, divertimento e solidarietà organizzato dalla Fondazione Milan Onlus.

Già in passato, in un’altra circostanza, la Giorgio Tesi Group aveva partecipato ad un evento del genere e per l’edizione 2016 sono state fatte le cose in grande stile al Forte Village Resort...

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The plants of Giorgio Tesi Group and Pinocchio awarded at Flormart

Two excellences of Pistoia together to promote the culture of green all over the world won the Nova Green prize at Flormart in Padua. The most important Italian nursery gardening fair conferred the award for the best form of selling to the brand ″Pinocchio for a Green Future″ of Giorgio Tesi Group. The president of the jury Guido Clamer presented the award to the general manager of the Pistoia nursery gardening company, Marco Cappellini.








By virtue of the agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Fondazione Collodi for the use,...

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Giorgio Tesi Junior The new Giorgio Tesi Group project to support junior sports of Pistoia

Giorgio Tesi Group, after 5 years as title sponsor with Pistoia Basket 2000, has decided to continue supporting sports with a new initiative aimed exclusively at junior sectors.






The logo Giorgio Tesi Junior will be on the shirts of more than five hundred young players of the province of Pistoia among basketball, football, and volleyball players.

This year the project involves Pistoia Basket for basketball, Margine Coperta for football, and Blu Volley Quarrata, club that carries out female activities, for volleyball. Each of these sports realities stand out for the excellent...

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Giorgio Tesi Group participates in the 67th edition of FLORMART together with ANVE – Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters)

As every year we will be participating in Flormart, the international nursery and gardening exhibition that will take place in Padua from 21 to 23 September. This year our company’s stand will be located within the exhibition area dedicated to ANVE - Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters), of which we are a member. A total area of 900 m2 that will host, apart from Giorgio Tesi Group, also other companies members of ANVE with the aim of offering to the visitors of FLORMART an overview of the Italian nursery and gardening sector from north to south. 


You can find us at the pavilion 7...

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Giorgio Tesi Group the Official Green Partner of "Un Altro Parco in città 2016"

Finally the event waited for by the citizens of Pistoia and not only is arriving ... SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER everyone must go to the Sala to admire the impossible garden of Pistoia, with its 1700 grass squares.

For four years this garden has become a common heritage of the summer for the people of Pistoia. This is the magic of ″Un altro parco in città″ (Another park in the city) for its fifth edition that, as always, will attract tourists and citizens to spend a day different from usual in the heart of the historical city centre, Piazza della Sala and Piazzetta degli Ortaggi, which will have a quite peculiar look.

It is the evolution of a challenge started in 2012 by an architectural office ″Un altro studio″ together with...

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A film nursery. The Giorgio Tesi Group hosted the set of Paolo Virzì’s

The Giorgio Tesi Group has a supporting role in Paolo Virzì’s new film, “La Pazza Gioia”. Much of the filming for the first part of the film, those scenes set in a nursery, was done in the Giorgio Tesi Group’s nursery in Spazzavento. Lotus Production chose the Pistoia company because of the beauty of its setting and plant production. In fact, many of the plants populating the scenes, even those not set in the nursery, were produced by the Giorgio Tesi Group. Released on 17 May, the film is in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. During the screening, the audience applauded for ten minutes (a showstopper even during the screening) and was very moved at “the end”.

The film’s success and excellent reviews have already...

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See you at IPM 2016 – Essen, 26-29 January

In 2016, we will once again be at the IPM Essen international fair scheduled 26-29 January. Come visit us at stand A18, Hall 6 and take advantage of this perfect opportunity to plan spring 2016 together with our staff.

We are looking forward to see many of you there!

For more information: Tel. +39 0573 530051 - contatti@giorgiotesigroup.it

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Pistoia Grows Success

Giorgio Tesi Group increasingly a leader in innovation and in sports.

After winning the "Plants and Flowers" prize at the Padua Flormart, the Giorgio Tesi Group is leading in Series A basketball. Successes conquered through sacrifice, values and enthusiasm.


A few weeks after winning the "award for new selections of plants with ornamental and landscape features of excellence" at Padua’s Flormart–one of the most important international fairs in Europe, the Giorgio Tesi Group is celebrating its position in first place in the standings for basketball series A–a new and  satisfying position for the Pistoia nursery company.


The city went wild with joy as Pistoia has been in all the newspapers and national TV and ranks above the...

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The most beautiful plant at Flormart is from the Giorgio Tesi Group


The company awarded prize in Padua for varietal research

The Giorgio Tesi Group was showered with prizes at Padua`s Flormart, one of Europe`s most important international fairs. The Pistoia nursery company won first prize in the Nòva Green competition as winner of the "Plants and Flowers" Prize for new plant selections with valuable ornamental and landscape features.


The Giorgio Tesi Group presented in competition four exclusive varieties of Gingko Biloba -- `Fastigiata Selvans`, `Fastigiata Feronia`, `Globosa Tinia`, and `Columnar Maris` – with the first prize going to the `Fastigiata Feronia`. Gingko Biloba is a very ancient plant, a veritable living fossil that dates back to 250 million years ago.


The company`s marketing director Fabio Fondatori...

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The Giorgio Tesi Group and the Opera Festival in concert for a September dedicated to beauty and music

One of the novelties of the 2015 Montecatini Opera Festival is the arrival of Opera&Green, a truly unique event scheduled for 2-9 September. It is, moreover, the perfect occasion at which excellent music and marvelous plants are brought together to offer culture, cultivation, and promotion, thereby ensuring a perfect combination of art and nature.

As a result, it will truly be a “green week” during which the well-known Tettuccio Spa will be transformed into a delightful, very special open-air greenhouse, thanks to the plants from Pistoia and the Giorgio Tesi Group.

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We will be present at FLORMART - Fiera di Padova (Fair of Padua) – 9 – 10 - 11 September


As every year, we confirm our presence at Flormart, the international exhibition of nursery gardening that will be held in Padua from 9 to 11 September. We will be in exhibition stand 5, space D149.


We recommend you to download the invitation on the website of the event using the following link: 

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The new green area with plants donated by the Fondazione Giorgio Tesi, in collaboration with the Friends of Lourdes Association, inaugurated with 100 pilgrims from Pistoia whose delegation included Monsignor Fausto Tardelli, the city’s bishop; Mario Tuci, the Pistoia town councilor who brought greetings on behalf of the entire town council; and Fabrizio Tesi, Foundation president.


"A beautiful and moving experience. For years the company has carried out initiatives like this because we are convinced that this is the best way to bring Pistoia and our values to the world. We were moved by this experience in Lourdes, however, because it was an honor for me and my family to leave a...

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Our company has expanded its offering of newly patented roses from international breeders and hybridizers like:

- Georges DELBARD





Each rose produced by a hybridizer will be accompanied by a label of authenticity guaranteeing the variety`s originality and issued exclusively by the various hybridizing firms.




Giorgio Tesi Group Roses are available in traditional container forms (potted, bare root, bush, and climbing), assembled into such shapes and structures as gazebos, wishing wells, columns, espaliers, pyramids, umbrellas, and bells.

For each of these shapes, the...

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Restoration of the Villa Garzoni Garden - Collodi with Giorgio Tesi Group plants


A national monument, the Villa Garzoni complex is recognized around the world as a symbol of Pescia and of Tuscany. It contains one of Italy`s most important historical villas, which is on a par with Villa d`Este and the Caserta royal palace.

Previously the site of a fortress, this spot was acquired in 1366 by the Garzoni family of Pescia. The first historical information on the villa dates back to 1633, when Romano Garzoni approved a design for a palace, of a size similar to the modern one, and a small garden. In 1652, the garden was enlarged and equipped with terraces due to its steep hilly location. In addition, stairs, fountains, and statues were added.

During the course of the eighteenth century, the fame of the villa...

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L`azienda è partner del verde di Contamina, l`iniziativa del Comune di Quarrata

Un giardino che compare in un luogo straordinario, nel senso letterale di “fuori dall`ordinario”: è ciò che ha realizzato Giorgio Tesi Group all`interno del Fuorisalone in Via Dante 14 a Milano, dove è stata allestita la manifestazione di Contamina, nei pressi di EXPO Gate, del Castello Sforzesco e di Piazza Duomo. L`evento, per la seconda volta ospitato dal capoluogo lombardo, raccoglie le aziende più rappresentative del territorio quarratino e le loro produzioni d`eccellenza, messe in mostra a beneficio dei milanesi e degli amanti dell`artigianalità italiana.


La decorazione del cortile di accoglienza con erba, bossi e...

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Mediterranean Plants, One of Our Specialties

There are plants that bring to mind summer, the sea, and holidays. They are the Mediterranean plants we see along the avenues of seaside towns or that bloom in summer.


Our production has always been characterized by the cultivation of typical Mediterranean plants, whose varieties are grown in the Orbetello and Grosseto (Il Terzo) branches in the southernmost part of Tuscany, in the famous Maremma, and in San Benedetto del Tronto, a famous seaside resort on the Adriatic coast.


The special climate tempered by our nurseries` proximity to the sea allows us to grow several varieties (Arbutus unedo, Elaeagnus ebbingei, Feijoia sellowiana, Laurus nobilis, Ligustrum texanum, Olea oleaster, Olea cipressino, Pistacea lentiscus, Punica granatum, Quercus ilex, Teucrium fruticans,...

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Ash trees donated by the non-profit Fondazione Giorgio Tesi arrive in Lourdes

The ash trees donated by our association, the non-profit Fondazione Giorgio Tesi, have arrived at the Sanctuary of Lourdes, and have already been planted near the Grotto of the Apparitions. The new route will escort pilgrims on the path to one of the most compelling places of worship for the Christian faithful. The Grotto, access to which had been limited until now, will be opened again and restored as a place of devotion beginning Easter Sunday, 5 April 2015.


Watch the video of our plants` arrival and the phases before and after their planting >>

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Giorgio Tesi Group technical partner of the Milan Triennale


Pistoia`s plants at one of the Meccas of contemporary art


The Giorgio Tesi Group has reaffirmed its support of the world of art and culture by becoming a technical partner at the Milan Triennale, an international cultural fixture that, for decades, has organized shows, conferences, exhibitions, and initiatives in the fields of design, fashion, architecture, contemporary art, and communication.


On Tuesday, 31 March, the Triennial`s restyled Terrace was presented. In its new guise, the Terrace has been embellished with a garden whose plants were supplied by the Giorgio Tesi Group, selected by Antonio Perazzi of Studio Perazzi, who oversaw the green design. The Pistoia-based nursery company furnished different varieties of mostly herbaceous...

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Giorgio Tesi Plants in the heart of the Sanctuary of Lourdes


The initiative was organized by the non-profit Fondazione Giorgio Tesi and the association Amici di Lourdes (Friends of Lourdes) in memory of Luciano Bani, the well-known moving force behind the organization, and of Giorgio Tesi, founder of the Giorgio Tesi Group.

The non-profit Fondazione Giorgio Tesi will donate large trees for the landscaping of the grounds adjacent to the Grotto of Our Lady, which is the heart of the Sanctuary of Lourdes. The project is part of the Projet Grotte - Cœur de Lourdes (Grotto ProjectThe Heart of...

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See you at IPM 2015 – Essen, 27-30 January


In 2015, we will once again be at the IPM Essen international fair scheduled 27-30 January. Come visit us at stand A18, Hall 6 and take advantage of this perfect opportunity to plan spring 2015 together with our staff.

This year, our stand will be even more beautiful with the stunning plant specimens that best represent our production. Not be missed are the four new varieties of Gingko biloba that our company will  distribute exclusively (Gingko biloba "Fastigiata Selvans", Gingko biloba "Fastigiata Feronia", Gingko biloba "Globosa Tinia", Gingko biloba "Colonnare Maris"). The result of a lengthy selection and cultivation process, they are interesting for their shapes: three have a columnar- fastigiate shape and one, a spherical shape.

In addition, a large part of our booth will be devoted to roses, our new...

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Presentazione n° 16 NATURART

Il percorso di Naturart è iniziato nel 2010 e ci avviamo ad iniziare il suo quinto anno di vita.

Naturart ha attraversato questo lasso di tempo raccontando, numero per numero, un territorio tanto bello quanto poco conosciuto, con la missione di riscoprire e far apprezzare, in Italia come all’estero la nostra città: Pistoia.
Arte, personaggi, cultura, enogastronomia e ambiente hanno accompagnato la crescita di questo progetto, importante ed innovativo, che ha saputo conquistarsi un posto d’onore tra le pubblicazioni di promozione del territorio. 8000 copie per ogni numero, questo trimestrale edito dalla Giorgio Tesi Editrice, porta l’arte, la cultura e il costume del territorio pistoiese nel mondo con l’invio in 51 paesi.
Naturart è...

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La Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus dona un leccio ed un cipresso per il giardino San Giovanni

Due nuovi alberi per il giardino San Giovanni a Pistoia: un leccio ed un cipresso, donati direttamente dalla Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus. Sono stati piantati stamattina a chiusura della “festa dell’albero”, appuntamento organizzato annualmente dal circolo Legambiente Pistoia.

All’evento erano presenti il presidente della Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus Carlo Vezzosi, il preside del conservatorio San Giovanni Battista Paolo Baldassari, il presidente di Legambiente Pistoia Antonio Sessa ed il rappresentante dell’amministrazione comunale Alessandro Giovannelli, oltre a numerosi studenti delle scuole elementari di Belvedere, accompagnati dai rispettivi professori.

“Questo è uno dei giardini più belli della...

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Original solutions for decorative Christmas plants


For the upcoming Christmas holidays, the Giorgio Tesi Group is pleased to offer you some interesting ideas for seasonal preparations.


Alternatives to the traditional fir tree not only create a personal and characteristic setting for the holidays, but they can also be used throughout the year, thus making your choice more environmentally friendly. The plants we are offering are suitable for any location, thanks to the various sizes our company makes available.


Topiary, a kind of typically Tuscan art, is the ability to shape plants into ornamental figures. It is also one of our company`s main specialties. Each plant has been given a unique and...

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Giorgio Tesi Group is a PAYSAGE Main Partner at the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona.


Paysage is also the catalogue’s official publisher. The catalogue will be presented at the Barcelona Biennial of Landscape Architecture, ​​to be held 25-27 September at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música. The publication can take credit for a concise and exhaustive presentation of the status in Europe of the art of landscape design owing to its remarkable numbers with the participation of 553 landscapers from 22 countries and the presentation of 25 topics.

In addition to our company, the other prestigious partners highly representative of this business sector and active in the international market are Bellitalia, Geoplast, and Architettura Sonora

PAYSAGE’s own director will announce the publication as part of an event planned for 27 September at 10:00 a.m. during the symposium.  A...

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The plants of Giorgio Tesi Group protagonists at the “RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show” in London

The garden “Connecting with the Real Sound of Nature” designed and realised by Stefano Passerotti with the plants of Giorgio Tesi Group, received the Gold Medal at the prestigious RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014 in London, the largest flower exhibition of the entire world. The show is managed by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in Hampton Court Palace in south-west London.

The garden by Stefano Passerotti evidences the importance of the relation between nature and man, to rediscover the power of the five senses, and reminds us about the importance of tradition. The design is characterised by a vegetable garden and elements that produce sounds. The music for the garden was composed by Francesco Mantero.

Great satisfaction for Giorgio Tesi Group, which once again sees its plants protagonists of...

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The plants of Pistoia are the protagonists at Cinecitt World, the new amusement park dedicated to the cinema inaugurated on Thursday 10 in Rome


Giorgio Tesi Group, together with other companies of the sector, realised the green of the park with the typical Tuscan plants and others dedicated to the cinematographic themes recalled in the park. Marco Cappellini General Manager of Giorgio Tesi Group, and Fabio Fondatori Marketing Manager were present at the inauguration.

The project was curated by Hydea Spa of Florence. Apart from realising the green, Giorgio Tesi Group has also obtained the multiyear assignment for the maintenance of the park (the other companies involved in the realisation of this project are Assiverde srl and Soc. Coop. Florovivaistica del Lazio).

 Twenty attractions, eight cinematographic sets, four theatres, and four theme restaurants for an investment of IEG (Italian Entertainment Groupon, whose major shareholders are...

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Marco Cappellini, General Manager of Giorgio Tesi Group, is the new President of the Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters) (ANVE).

Marco Cappellini, General Manager of Giorgio Tesi Group, is the new President of the Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery-Stock Exporters) (ANVE). He was elected by common assent during the meeting held on Friday 27 in Catania. The ANVE is the only national association of nurserymen operating at national and international level and it was founded by the operators of the sector interested in accessing more specific information regarding their activity and participating in sectoral consultation groups, both in Italy and Europe, as well as out of EU. For two years now, ANVE has been holding also the presidency of ENA (European Nursery Stock Association), the international association that for over twenty years has been representing the...

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Giorgio Tesi Group chosen by Linea Verde Orizzonti to showcase Pistoia’s nursery industry

Center stage in the episode of Linea Verde Orizzonti, to be on aired on Saturday, March 29th, at 10:20 a.m. on the television channel RAI UNO, will be Pistoia’s nursery industry, with our company as its representative, chosen by the broadcast’s producers for our commitment to scientific research and respect for the environment as well as for projects like Naturart, our dedication to helping those most vulnerable with the non-profit Fondazione Giorgio Tesi and our support of many local cultural and sports initiatives.

Fabrizio Tesi did the honors, accompanying hosts Federico Quaranta and Clare Giallonardo to the company’s various production nurseries, showing them the cultivation of outdoor plants in pots and root balls and the...

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Grande successo per la presentazione del nuovo numero della rivista Naturart.


Più di trecento persone hanno partecipato alla serata di presentazione del magazine trimestrale e alla visita esclusiva del complesso di San Pier Maggiore. La curiosità di entrare in una delle chiese più antiche di Pistoia, chiusa da oltre 50 anni, e il desiderio di scoprire gli argomenti del nuovo numero della rivista hanno spinto decine di appassionati pistoiesi a prendere parte ad una delle serate più riuscite e partecipate organizzate da Naturart.

Nell’occasione Fabrizio Tesi, legale rappresentante della Giorgio Tesi Group, ha ringraziato Luciano Corsini che nei giorni scorsi si è dimesso da direttore di Naturart, rivolgendogli parole di sincera riconoscenza per il magnifico lavoro svolto in questi anni nella conduzione della rivista e...

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Natale a casa Tesi con i clochard

In occasione del Santo Natale Fabrizio Tesi ha ospitato la nostra Onlus, Raggi di Speranza in Stazione, e i senzatetto da noi assistiti a pranzo insieme alla sua famiglia e a quelle dei giocatori di basket del Giorgio Tesi Group . Non bastano le parole per esprimere i nostri ringraziamenti per la sua presenza assidua e per le sue continue iniziative che ci aiutano ad andare avanti nel nostro progetto e per la sua attenzione verso gli ultimi. Abbiamo pensato di riportare le sensazioni e i sentimenti di questi “ospiti particolari”: 
“Vorremo esprimere la nostra più sentita gratitudine per l’invito a trascorrere il pranzo di Natale nella sua casa. Per noi è stato un gesto molto importante perchè il Natale è la festa della famiglia e ci hai fatto sentire come a...

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La fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus dona un defibrillatore al tribunale di Pistoia

In occasione del Santo Natale la Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus ha donato un defibrillatore al Tribunale di Pistoia.

La Fondazione Giorgio Tesi ha ricevuto in dono dalla Giorgio Tesi Group un defibrillatore in seguito al programma di prevenzione e di sicurezza aziendale attuato dall’azienda vivaistica con l’acquisto di 5 defibrillatori per le diverse filiali e sedi produttive.

"Il dono della Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus all’Amministrazione Giudiziaria - sottolinea il presidente del tribunale, Fabrizio Amato - è sicuramente un’ottima notizia per gli uffici giudiziari di Pistoia e manifesta non soltanto un’attenzione particolare all’istituzione giudiziaria che colgo con molto piacere, ma ...

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Un’opera di interesse scientifico internazionale per la Giorgio Tesi Editrice.

La società del gruppo Giorgio Tesi Group pubblica Monografia sul Genere Cornus. Venerdì 13 Dicembre si è svolta la presentazione ufficiale alla presenza delle autorità del territorio e di esperti botanici e docenti universitari provenienti da tutto il mondo.

E’ stato tradotto in sei lingue e ancor prima della sua presentazione ufficiale vanta già decine di prenotazioni da ogni parte del mondo.Monografia sul Genere Cornus di André Gayraud è la prima opera di risonanza internazionale edita dalla Giorgio Tesi Editrice, società che fa parte della Giorgio Tesi Group conosciuta per la pubblicazione del trimestrale Naturart, la rivista che promuove le bellezze e le eccellenze pistoiesi nel mondo.


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Giorgio Tesi Group and Dynamo Camp Together bringing smiles to children


The Giorgio Tesi Group supports Dynamo Camp.  In 2013, the Pistoia nursery company launched a new business line dedicated to Pinocchio, allocating a portion of the proceeds to Dynamo Camp.  Directed at garden centers and companies that have acquired plants bearing the figure of the puppet from Collodi, the new “Pinocchio for a green future” business line, has been quite successful in Italy and abroad.  Recently, Marco Cappellini, the Giorgio Tesi Group’s general manager, gave a check with the funds raised by the venture to Dynamo Camp’s general manager Roberto Orlandini.  The agreement between the Giorgio Tesi Group and Dynamo Camp stipulates that a percentage from the sales contracts for plants with the “Pinocchio for a green future” brand goes to support this free therapeutic...

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Le piante di Pistoia al Mondiale di Ciclismo

La vetrina del Mondiale di ciclismo presenterà al mondo anche le produzioni tipiche di Pistoia. Le piante e la qualità pistoiese conosciute in tutto il mondo, in virtù dell’accordo tra la Giorgio Tesi Group e il Comitato Organizzatore, saranno protagoniste in tutti gli spazi del Mondiale. L’azienda vivaistica di Pistoia, infatti, è Green Official Partner della manifestazione che inizierà domenica e vedrà la presenza di oltre un milione e 500 mila gli spettatori presenti sui percorsi, 7000 appassionati accreditati di cui 1500 giornalisti, 250 emittenti collegate di 180 paesi differenti e oltre 90 nazioni rappresentate. Le piante della tradizione pistoiese come le conifere, arbusti sempreverdi, latifoglie, con l’aggiunta dell’arte topiaria, sono vere e proprie...

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Giorgio Tesi Group scelta come impresa familiare di eccellenza in Italia.

“Un’azienda che ha saputo coniugare la continuità familiare con l’innovazione”. Così è stata presentata la Giorgio Tesi Group dagli organizzatori del convegno "Le aziende familiari in Italia" organizzato da UniCredit con l’Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi e l’AIdAF nella magnifica cornice delle nuove Cantine Antinori a Bargino.

Alla presenza di un centinaio di imprenditori di medie e grandi aziende di vari settori e di rappresentanti della finanza e delle università, è stato presentato l’Osservatorio sulle Aziende Familiari Italiane a cura della Cattedra AldAF-Alberto Falck di Strategia delle Aziende Familiari dell’Università Bocconi e della Camera di Commercio di Milano. Tre le aziende...

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Roots in the past, looking to the future


The Giorgio Tesi Group celebrates its 40th anniversary. In 1973, Giorgio and Tullio Tesi founded the company on the small family farm. With time, year after year, the baton was passed to their offspring Fabrizio, Claudio, Romeo, and Tiziano, who currently direct the Giorgio Tesi Group. From a few hectares in the 1970s, the company’s production today extends over more than 500 hectares. From the small orders for Pistoia and Tuscany of those years, the company now exports to over 50 countries worldwide.
After Tullio’s untimely death, Giorgio, at great sacrifice, paved the way for growth, looking into the future and investing in his family and its young xpeople.  today he deserves all of our thanks. Special thanks must also go to our mothers Giovanna and Donetta, still exceptional sources of inspiration.
In a...

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Giorgio Tesi Group in A1


"Una gioia immensa. Una grandissima soddisfazione. Per la squadra, la società, i tifosi e la città". Fabrizio Tesi, patron della Giorgio Tesi Group, commenta così la vittoria della finale playoff che ha permesso al Pistoia Basket di ottenere la promozione in A1. "E’ stata una partita bellissima e intensa. Giocata in una cornice spettacolare, con un pubblico fantastico che ha incitato e rispettato l’avversario. La squadra ha giocato con il cuore e il mister, come sempre, è stato magistrale nelle scelte. Sono serate che non si dimenticheranno mai". "Considerando l’andata credo abbia vinto la squadra che meritava di più ma onore a Brescia per come ha interpretato i playoff. Ora è il momento di gioire e di ringraziare tutti quelli che con grande impegno e passione hanno...

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Grande successo della prima edizione del Premio Giorgio Tesi Junior

Venerdì  17 maggio, alle 17,30, presso il Piccolo Teatro Bolognini, si è svolta la consegna dei premi ai vincitori davanti a 350 studenti della quinta classe della scuola primaria e di tutte le classi della scuola secondaria di primo grado del comune di Pistoia. L’iniziativa è stata promossa dalla Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus, col patrocinio dell’Assessorato alla Cultura e alla Formazione del Comune di Pistoia.

Gli alunni sono stati chiamati a riflettere sulle sensazioni, le immagini, i colori e i profumi che suscitano loro le piante e a trasferire le proprie emozioni nel linguaggio della poesia. Un compito difficile per tutti, eppure alla giuria sono pervenuti ben 390 elaborati, che sono risultati originali, interessanti e pieni di osservazioni...

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Il Globo riprende vita con Pinocchio e le piante in arte topiaria.

La Giorgio Tesi Group porta Pinocchio e il verde sul Globo. Un allestimento realizzato in collaborazione con l’iniziativa Fiabescamente organizzata in queste settimane dal Centro Commerciale Naturale di Pistoia nel centro storico della città. Un grande fondale raffigurante lo storico Giardino Garzoni di Collodi, le piante in arte topiaria raffiguranti Pinocchio e l’Orso (il simbolo di Pistoia) e uno spazio dedicato al Mondiale di Ciclismo Toscana 2013, di cui l’azienda vivaistica pistoiese è Green Partner e Italian Sponsor, con un ciclista intento a scattare, sono i personaggi che animano la scenografia. I turisti hanno mostrato grande apprezzamento per l’allestimento fermandosi a scattare foto con i personaggi e molti pistoiesi hanno riscoperto un angolo che, dopo la chiusura del bar,...

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La Sponsor Community di Legadue martedì 7 maggio a Pistoia nella sede di Giorgio Tesi Group


Si è tenuto ieri, 7 maggio 2013, il secondo appuntamento, dopo la prima fortunata edizione di maggio 2012, di LEGADUE4BUSINESS, evento di business to business tra aziende e imprenditori che investono in Legadue e nei suoi Club.

Giorgio Tesi Group, già title sponsor di Pistoia Basket 2000, azienda leader nel proprio settore e all’avanguardia per quel che concerne le attività di business to business, ha fatto da padrona di casa in questa seconda edizione di LEGADUE4BUSINESS. L’evento infatti si è svolto nella splendida sede dell’azienda pistoiese a Bottegone.    

LEGADUE4BUSINESS, organizzato da Legadue e da Creogest, Marketing Advisor di Lega, con la collaborazione di Giorgio Tesi Group, è nato con l’obiettivo di favorire lo sviluppo di un...

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Giorgio Tesi Group honored by Swiss Business Group as “The Best Small and Average Company”

Last Wednesday, 17th of April, in Fribourg, Switzerland, the third edition of Start2Match with 80 participants from Italy and other foreign countries, such as Korea, presented Giorgio Tesi Group “The Best Small and Average Company”. The award has been handed in by the President of the Swiss Business Group, Vincenzo Caci and it has been accepted by a delegation of the Marketing Department represented by Fabio Fondatori, CEO of Communication and Marketing Department and Maria Grazia Taddeo, Commercial Assistant.

Giorgio Tesi Group was voted by participating companies and Jury of Swiss administrators from the District of Fribourg. Those who took part in were: the Prefect of Fribourg, the President of the Chamber of...

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Giorgio Tesi Group partecipa al torneo di tennis “Nutrilite Tennis Challenge Adidas Cup”

Si rafforza il legame tra Giorgio Tesi Group e AC Milan. L’azienda pistoiese partecipa, infatti, al torneo di tennis “Nutrilite Tennis Challenge Adidas Cup” organizzato dall’AC Milan a sostegno della Fondazione Milan Onlus. Il torneo, a cui partecipano squadre miste donne e uomini di gran parte dei main sponsor della società rossonera, si tiene dal 14 al 21 aprile all’Harbour Club di Milano ed è finalizzato alla raccolta di fondi per la realizzazione dei Summer Camp del Progetto Aita. Nelle città di Milano, Roma e Catania, infatti, la Fondazione Milan Onlus organizzerà delle settimane di sport a cui parteciperanno anche bambini e ragazzi dai 4 ai 18 anni con disturbo dello spettro autistico.
Domenica scorsa, 14 aprile, si sono tenute le qualificazioni. Al...

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Giorgio Tesi Group lancia una nuova rivista sul vivaismo. Oggi la presentazione di redazione e contenuti.


E’ stata presentata oggi presso la Sala Terzani della Biblioteca San Giorgio di Pistoia la rivista Aboutplants edita dalla Giorgio Tesi Group. Aboutplants sarà una rivista web che conterrà tutte le informazioni relative al settore del vivaismo e alle sue relazioni con il mondo dell’ambiente, dell’architettura, della ricerca, della qualità della vita, della sperimentazione e delle istituzioni. La rivista sarà tradotta anche in inglese e promossa in tutto il mondo. Presente all’iniziativa il Presidente della Camera di Commercio, Stefano Morandi. Direttore della rivista sarà Emanuele Begliomini, agrotecnico ed ex direttore dell’Associazione Vivaisti Pistoiesi. “Aboutplants sarà on line dal 15 maggio 2013. – dice- Oggi abbiamo presentato...

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Discover Pistoia

Book your visit to our company and you will have a free guided tour of Pistoia’s landmarks

For the Giorgio Tesi Group, a warm welcome is fundamental. Our customers can count on the courtesy, competence, availability, and reliability of our sales staff but also on our typical Tuscan-style hospitality, with our restaurant, rooms, and typical products. Starting this year, those who book a working visit to our nursery will have, free of charge, even more services at their disposal. In fact, if booked in advance, someone will be available to give a guided tour of Pistoia’s historical center and its artistic and architectural attractions as well as opportunities for shopping and well-being. Those visiting the Giorgio Tesi Group can also have free admittance to the Pistoia Zoo, visited by over 100,000 people each...

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European and American researchers survey the Giorgio Tesi Group’s products

The Pistoia company hosted members of "ISEFOR"


Pistoia- Researchers from all over the world had a look at the Giorgio Tesi Group’s products as well as the control and plant protection processes it has adopted. Held last Tuesday at the Giorgio Tesi Group headquarters in Pistoia, the meeting was attended by forty researchers, members of ISEFOR, an important association partnered with several European universities to set up models that will reduce the impact of new plant pathogens,. Scholars from Europe and the USA were hosted by the nursery company for the entire day, which explained the methods it uses to control and protect its plants. This was made possible thanks to the CNR-Plant Protection Institute in Florence with which...

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La Giorgio Tesi Group ha ricevuto il premio “Sportivamente 2012”

La Giorgio Tesi Group ha ricevuto il premio "Sportivamente 2012" dalla Provincia di Pistoia e dal Coni per il sostegno allo sport pistoiese in qualità di main sponsor del Pistoia Basket. Il riconoscimento è stato consegnato dall’assessore allo sport della provincia di Pistoia, Roberto Fabio Cappellini, e dal presidente del Coni, Guido Pederzoli, a Fabrizio Tesi, legale rappresentante della Giorgio Tesi Group. Queste le motivazioni: "Azienda vivaistica di fama internazionale, la Giorgio Tesi Group ha scelto di legare il suo nome – a partire dalla stagione 2011/2012 – alla principale squadra di pallacanestro cittadina , il Pistoia Basket, che vanta migliaia di appassionati e una storia prestigiosa scandita da anni di militanza nella massima serie. Nonostante la...

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Pistoia e la Festa dell’Albero


Stamattina Pistoia ha celebrato per la prima volta la Festa dell’Albero, la giornata organizzata annualmente da Legambiente e dal Ministero dell’Istruzione.Si tratta di un’occasione per ribadire l’importanza, in termini di qualità della vita, di spazi di incontro e servizi, della riscoperta del verde urbano da parte dei cittadini.L’evento, a cui parteciperanno alcune classi di scuole cittadine, si svolgerà di mattina, con partenza alle 10.00 in piazza d’Armi, di fronte alla fortezza Santa Barbara.È prevista una passeggiata lungo le mura di viale Arcadia e i vari giardini limitrofi e alle 10.30 si svolgerà, con la presenza di rappresentanti delle istituzioni, la piantumazione di due giovani arbusti nel giardino di via del Pelago, sul retro di via Porta ...

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Progetto: Certosa Gruppo Abele


La Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus, nata per sostenere opere di bene per bisognosi, bambini e anziani in situazioni di particolare disagio e per sostenere progetti orientati all’istruzione dei giovani e
alla ricerca scientifica, ha promosso in questi anni decine di progetti a favore dei più deboli. Avendo conosciuto ed apprezzato l’esperienza del Gruppo Abele Onlus e del suo fondatore Don Luigi Ciotti, ha deciso di sostenere il progetto della Certosa, antico Convento in Val di Susa luogo di riferimento per il Gruppo, impegnandosi nell’erogazione di un contributo di 5000 euro destinati alla realizzazione del progetto di “formazione e integrazione sociale” delle persone disagiate, nella fornitura da parte dell’azienda Giorgio Tesi Group di piantine giovani da ricoltivare con lo...

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CSKA guest of Giorgio Tesi Group


On Tuesday, the 11th of September 2012, the CSKA team from Moscow visited Giorgio Tesi Group, one of the leading nursery in Europe and also main sponsor of the Pistoia basketball team. The Russians and their well known coach Ettore Messina met the staff from Tesi just a few hours before the friendly match  at the “Mario Carrara” indoor stadium in Pistoia where they had a win over the GTG team.  Fabrizio Tesi, managing director of the nursery said it was a real pleasure to welcome such a successful team: they won the Euro league, the biggest European basketball competition,  for 6 times and reached the finals twice. Giorgio Tesi Group is a sport friend and it’s always a reason of pride to be involved in international sport events. CSKA managers, staff and basketball players got a gift bag with...

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Giorgio Tesi Group & CNR - Cupresuss - TG3


The cypress is a plant that ideally represents a naturalistic Mediterranean landscape.
Threatened by numerous illnesses - among which is the Cypress cancer - the Institute for the Protection of Plants of the CNR and the Giorgio Tesi Group have sponsored a collaborative effort for safeguarding through research projects on the new cloned and genetically patented varieties.
From this collaboration - science and business - further programs to supply the consumer with specific, certified and guaranteed products are in the making.

’’This agreements represents one of the few European examples of collaboration meant to obtain innovative products in the flower and plant nursery sector exclusively for the consumer’s interests - once they are certified and guaranteed.’’ Paolo Raddi CNR...

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Special welcoming of clients and families


Visiting the Giorgio Tesi Group and Pistoia plant nurseries is an opportunity to also visit Pistoia along with one’s family, and to discover its beauty and appreciate its cultures and traditions. As of September 2012 visitors of the Giorgio Tesi Group will have an added service. Through an agreement with the Natural Commercial Centre, the Tourist Consortium of Pistoia and NATURART, the client of Giorgio Tesi Group will have at his or her disposal a personal shopper that will take care of the welcome to and visiting of the city and shopping in Pistoia. Included are tourist packages for one’s stay as well as commercial itineraries that permit the clients to admire Pistoia and Tuscany, to know its traditions and typical products and spend the weekend with family in the cities hotels with agreement with NATURART, as well as...

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La Giorgio Tesi Group doubles with Pistoia Basketball


The Giorgio Tesi Group is the main sponsor for Pistoia Basketball and has renewed it for the 2012-2013 season as well. It is team that is part of the A2 series of the national basketball championships. The company has chosen to link its name to a sports society that boasts of thousands of impassioned sports enthusiasts in Pistoia, a precious history with years of militancy in the A series and a tradition that brought sacrifices, seeing the difficult moment that the entire economy is experiencing, but that was widely rewarded by the results and the appreciation received by the city and the society. An exhilarating year from a sports point of view: the promotion into the A1 series was very close to being reached, and from the human standpoint for the quality of the relationships established with managers, members,...

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Giorgio Tesi Group and CNR together to safeguard the Elm tree.


A new agreement between the National Advisory of Research (CNR) and the Giorgio Tesi Group for the experimentation of new varieties of plants: after having experimented with success the cultivation of 4 new varieties of Cypress trees resistant to cortical cancer, a lethal disease and pandemic caused by the pathogen fungus (deriving from “Seiridium Carindale”), the new collaboration is directed at the cultivation of a new species of Elm tree resistant to “Grafiosi,” one of the diseases that caused the disappearance of a large part of the individual adult Elms and that contributed in modifying the European and North American landscapes.

The Elms are plants of prime size and exceptional beauty. Over the course of history they have been utilized by man for a diverse variety of reasons: food, medicine,...

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The Giorgio Tesi Group in Class A for respect for the environment.


A new important recognition of the “green” business for the Giorgio Tesi Group of Pistoia: in recent days the company obtained the MPS Class A certification by ECAS entity of Dutch Certification. In a year the Giorgio Tesi Group passed from Class C to Class A in a certification that attested to the virtuosity of the company in the consumption of water, gas, gasoline, electric energy, fertilizers and anti-parasite chemicals. The sharp reduction of consumption and other interventions to protect the environment allowed the company to obtain a very high level. This new attestation is added to the Emas certification that the company already possesses, being the only business in Europe, Giorgio Tesi, and represents better than many words the efforts produced in these years for eco efficiency. “To be friends of the...

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Celebration of the tree at the primary elementary school, Ilva Nesci, of San Felice


“The Tree Song” as the soundtrack for the inauguration of the orchard at the San Felice elementary school. Thursday, June 7th, many young “green thumbs” celebrated the new orchard created by the Giorgio Tesi Group that was decorated by the San Felice elementary school. The Giorgio Tesi Group Foundation donated ten fruit trees (cherry, apple, apricot, plum, pear, kiwi, white mulberry, fig, persimmon, olive and medlar from Japan) to enrich the garden of the students of the Ilva Nesci elementary school. The donation was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the director, Monti, and by the teachers who showed their gratitude by organizing a celebration of the garden open to the students and all who were interested. For the first time, as Maurizio Monti has pointed out, in his thank you speech, a plant...

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Colours Explosion in Pistoia


The marvellous colours of the trees in autumn - Photos Nicolò Begliomini

As soon as autumn arrives trees display, in all their magnificence, an extraordinary change of colours of their leaves as they transition from green to red and yellow with a myriad of shades that astonish us and make us realize just how the plants are variable in the course of the year and of their life.

For us it is a moment of joy in seeing this explosion of colours, and it is an occasion to express this sensation in painting and give inspiration to create colours for fabrics and other uses in daily life.

Yellow Poplars, Liquidambars, and Oaks are represented in these images, and there are hundreds of other species and varieties cultivated in our nurseries. The beauty of these plants is available for everyone, bettering the...

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