Colours Explosion in Pistoia


The marvellous colours of the trees in autumn - Photos Nicolò Begliomini

As soon as autumn arrives trees display, in all their magnificence, an extraordinary change of colours of their leaves as they transition from green to red and yellow with a myriad of shades that astonish us and make us realize just how the plants are variable in the course of the year and of their life.

For us it is a moment of joy in seeing this explosion of colours, and it is an occasion to express this sensation in painting and give inspiration to create colours for fabrics and other uses in daily life.

Yellow Poplars, Liquidambars, and Oaks are represented in these images, and there are hundreds of other species and varieties cultivated in our nurseries. The beauty of these plants is available for everyone, bettering the quality of life - at least for those who create and realize parks, boulevards, gardens and any kind of green work in our territory.  

We kindly invite you to visit us!!!

We believe in a company that meets all the ethical rules man has defined all over the centuries and, according to our family tradition and hospitality, we offer our clients some fully furnished apartments, adjacent to our head office. You might have lunch at the Tesi family  restaurant and taste, in a homely atmosphere, the best Tuscan specialities and wines  including the famous red or white Cecchini. Arrange  your visit and our commercial staff will welcome you, speaking your own language or one you both know. For our clients wishing to spend a true holiday after visiting our nursery, we offer remarkable discounts in Agriturismo or rural homes we have made special agreements with. We thank you in advance for choosing us.

Giorgio Tesi Group erwartet Sie auf der neuen IPM ESSEN 2018

2018 können die Besucher der 36. Ausgabe der IPM Essen, der bedeutendsten internationalen Messe für den Gartenbau, vom 23. bis 26. Januar einen Teil der neuen "Messe Essen" bewundern, der letztes Jahr von Renovierungsarbeiten betroffen war.


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FABRIZIO TESI, der neue Vorsitzende der Coldiretti Pistoia

″Gemeinsam überwinden wir eine schwere Zeit″


Fabrizio Tesi, 52 Jahre, ist der neue Vorsitzende der Coldiretti Pistoia und zudem der gesetzliche Vertreter der Giorgio Tesi Group, dem in der Zierpflanzenzucht in Europa führenden...
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Das in Europa für die Produktion von Zierpflanzen führende Unternehmen, gehört zu den Gründern der Italienischen Unternehmensvereinigung ″Filiera Italia″, eines neuen Verbandes, in der die italienische Landwirtschaft und Lebensmittelindustrie zusammenwirken,...
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Bedeutendes Abkommen für eine der berühmtesten italienischen Baumschulen auf der Welt.

Giorgio Tesi Group wird für die Saison 2017/2018 Technical Supplier des AC Mailand.

Das in Europa für die Produktion von...
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