In the years 1960-1965, despite the opposition of the family’s elders and their bonds to tradition agriculture, Giorgio and Tullio decided to switch their products from cereal and forage crops to nursery crops of fruit and ornamental plants.With their families and friends from the village, Giorgio and Tullio continued the work to transform the farm, introducing new irrigation and cultivation techniques. It was the beginning of a new trade with new difficulties but familial harmony helped overcome everything. There were moments of great joy for the two brothers: marriage and children. Sadly, however, there was also great pain. Giorgio's brother Tullio died suddenly when he was still young, just forty-two, leaving a wife and three small children. Even Giorgio’s son Franco died in his early twenties, in a car accident.
Life changed radically and Giorgio found himself managing the whole family. He did not, however, lack courage and, supported by his deep faith, he took on the burden of all these responsibilities.
Giorgio became the father figure to his orphaned nephews Tiziano, Fabrizio, and Romeo, showing them the same love that he showed his son Claudio and his wife Donetta, and looking after Tullio’s widow Giovanna with consideration and respect.
From the 1970s onwards, Giorgio and his family directed all their energies to the growing company whose production and sales were slowly increasing. In 1973, the farm had four hectares under cultivation. By 1990, that number had increased to sixty hectares, all dedicated to nursery cultivation.
The nephews grew up at Giorgio’s side, inheriting his passion, teachings, morals, and generosity.At the same time, they were gaining experience and beginning to make their own contributions to the company’s growth with enthusiasm and strength beyond all expectations.
Sadly, Giorgio died suddenly on 26 January 2000, leaving his loved ones in deep sorrow. However, they were sustained by the strength of Giorgio’s teachings and determination and so returned to face the everyday life of the family and the company.
In the following years, his nephews and son continued, with additional fervor, to strengthen the nursery company.
With the establishment of the Giorgio Tesi Group, they have achieved a level of organization, quality, and production that is international in scope. Today the company has under cultivation 274 hectares of open fields, 89 acres of container fields, and sixteen acres of protected cultivation. It currently employs approximately 160 employees.
The company’s production is exported to more than forty countries, making the company one of the leaders in the European nursery sector.
Its headquarters in Pistoia have been expanded with new sheds and greenhouses.
The farmhouses were restructured and currently house the foundation’s headquarters and offices. The company has opened branches in Piadena (Cremona), Orbetello (Grosseto), and San Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno).
The Group produces all species and varieties of plants to meet European and non-European market requirements: from young plants to large specimens, from geometric shapes to trees for cities and streets, plants for garden centers and mass merchandisers, for all climate zones, and for various types of public and private green areas.

Giorgio Tesi Group is expecting you at the renovated IPM ESSEN 2018

In 2018, visitors to the 36th IPM Essen, the main international horticultural fair, scheduled for 23-26 January, will be able to appreciate some of the areas in the new Messe Essen that were affected by last year’s renovation...
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