The cypress is the quintessential symbol of the Mediterranean area’s natural landscape.
Threatened by numerous diseases, including cypress canker, the CNR’s Plant Protection Institute and the Giorgio Tesi Group have launched a partnership aimed at safeguarding this emblematic plant through research into new genetically cloned and patented varieties. From this partnership of science and business, additional programs are expected that will provide consumers with reliable certified and guaranteed products.

“This agreement represents one of the few European examples of cooperation targeting the development of innovative horticultural products that, once certified and guaranteed, will be directed exclusively at the consumer.” Paolo Raddi, CNR, Florence.

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Giorgio Tesi Group & CNR - Cupresuss - TG3

The cypress is a plant that ideally represents a naturalistic Mediterranean landscape.
Threatened by numerous illnesses - among which is the Cypress cancer - the Institute for the Protection...
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Giorgio Tesi Group and CNR together to safeguard the Elm tree.

A new agreement between the National Advisory of Research (CNR) and the Giorgio Tesi Group for the experimentation of new varieties of plants: after having experimented with success the...
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Giorgio Tesi Group honored by Swiss Business Group as “The Best Small and Average Company”

Last Wednesday, 17th of April, in Fribourg, Switzerland, the third edition of Start2Match with 80 participants from Italy and other foreign countries,...
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Giorgio Tesi Group is expecting you at the renovated IPM ESSEN 2018

In 2018, visitors to the 36th IPM Essen, the main international horticultural fair, scheduled for 23-26 January, will be able to appreciate some of the areas in the new Messe Essen that were affected by last year’s renovation...
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FABRIZIO TESI, the new president of Coldiretti Pistoia

″United, we have come out of a difficult phase″


Fabrizio Tesi is the new president of Coldiretti Pistoia. The 52-year-old Tesi is the legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group, European leader in ornamental nurseries.

Tesi’s election took...
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This Pistoia-based company, European leader in ornamental plant production, is among the founders of Filiera Italia, the new association that brings together the Italian agriculture and food industry, to support and defend ″Made in Italy″ products.

Promoted by...
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Important agreement for one of the most internationally famous Italian nursery-gardening companies.

Giorgio Tesi Group, for the 2017/2018 season, becomes...
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