Giorgio Tesi Group the Official Green Partner of "Un Altro Parco in città 2016"

Finally the event waited for by the citizens of Pistoia and not only is arriving ... SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER everyone must go to the Sala to admire the impossible garden of Pistoia, with its 1700 grass squares.

For four years this garden has become a common heritage of the summer for the people of Pistoia. This is the magic of ″Un altro parco in città″ (Another park in the city) for its fifth edition that, as always, will attract tourists and citizens to spend a day different from usual in the heart of the historical city centre, Piazza della Sala and Piazzetta degli Ortaggi, which will have a quite peculiar look.

It is the evolution of a challenge started in 2012 by an architectural office ″Un altro studio″ together with Giorgio Tesi Group that, since the first year, is the Official Green Partner of the initiative. Green that amazes and leaves you impressed, green that is the sign of the city tradition that recalls the ″Green Tuscany″, authentic and to be looked for in the alleys and squares of Pistoia, a city that has so much to offer from a tourism and cultural point of view.
The idea that grass can grow among the buildings of a city is something unique since it cannot find nourishment; but however it is a land of trade, a fruit and vegetables market. A way to better identify Pistoia, the European capital of plant nurseries, and a company that transfers the green from the fields directly to the historical city centre.
Giorgio Tesi Group, leader company of the nursery sector that exports to 54 countries in the world, is strongly linked to this event and, also in 2016, thanks to the wonderful work of its employees, in one night will change the appearance of the historical city centre into something that is not only a simple garden but an expression of the quality of life and beauty.

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