The Giorgio Tesi Group promotes culture, sports and values in Pistoia.


Living in a territory means also participating in the initiatives of the community, promoting the values and reinforcing the web of relations and traditions.

From the events of the Pistoia Festival, the list of performances that take place each year in the month of July in Pistoia, to the cultural initiatives linked to traditions such as the Giostra dell’Orso and the Patron Saint Day Festivities, to those dedicated to children, with the promotion of values of sports made of champions of Pistoia Basket, the Giorgio Tesi Group participates in the growth of the community and in the enhancement of its identity. 

Giorgio Tesi Group erwartet Sie auf der neuen IPM ESSEN 2018

2018 können die Besucher der 36. Ausgabe der IPM Essen, der bedeutendsten internationalen Messe für den Gartenbau, vom 23. bis 26. Januar einen Teil der neuen "Messe Essen" bewundern, der letztes Jahr von Renovierungsarbeiten betroffen war.


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