Pinocchio for a green future

Pinocchio and the plants of Pistoia, together for a green future.

The partnership between the Fondazione Carlo Collodi and the Giorgio Tesi Group has a new testimonial for a ecological message: Collodi’s puppet- previously used in the campaign of environmental education, sustainability and the family’s everyday ethical choices “Pinocchio Rethinks the World”- shares the philosophy of Pistoia’s Giorgio Tesi Group “The future is green”. The leading company in environmental certifications wants to introduce all over the world a new line of business, unique, to its customers and retailers : “Pinocchio for a green future” so that they can buy plants labelled “Pinocchio”, Collodi’s symbol.

The ones who buy Plants by Pinocchio’s – Giorgio Tesi Group’s will rely on the added value of a worldwide known testimonial, which can positively influence adults’ habits especially in the form of a genuine appeal to the children. The companies and gardens who wants to buy those plants carrying  the Pinocchio label from Giorgio Tesi Group, can easily add their own symbol and character backside the label, can ask for the Pinocchio banners and the dedicated trolley to smarten their own shops and areas for their customers such as families and children

Pinocchio as a spokesperson for the world campaign by Giorgio Tesi Group “The future is green” to strengthen the green mission by lowering the CO2 and launch it to the families and children

Thanks to this agreement Giorgio Tesi Group, moreover, will channel the 2% of the purchasing plants labelled with the Pinocchio symbol into the World Children Protection Programs with the projects of the Dynamo Camp.