La Giorgio Tesi Group doubles with Pistoia Basketball


The Giorgio Tesi Group is the main sponsor for Pistoia Basketball and has renewed it for the 2012-2013 season as well. It is team that is part of the A2 series of the national basketball championships. The company has chosen to link its name to a sports society that boasts of thousands of impassioned sports enthusiasts in Pistoia, a precious history with years of militancy in the A series and a tradition that brought sacrifices, seeing the difficult moment that the entire economy is experiencing, but that was widely rewarded by the results and the appreciation received by the city and the society. An exhilarating year from a sports point of view: the promotion into the A1 series was very close to being reached, and from the human standpoint for the quality of the relationships established with managers, members, sponsors, and players of the sports society. The union Giorgio Tesi Group – Pistoia Basket will renew itself also in 2013 with fresh ambitions and motivations.