A film nursery. The Giorgio Tesi Group hosted the set of Paolo Virzì’s

The Giorgio Tesi Group has a supporting role in Paolo Virzì’s new film, “La Pazza Gioia”. Much of the filming for the first part of the film, those scenes set in a nursery, was done in the Giorgio Tesi Group’s nursery in Spazzavento. Lotus Production chose the Pistoia company because of the beauty of its setting and plant production. In fact, many of the plants populating the scenes, even those not set in the nursery, were produced by the Giorgio Tesi Group. Released on 17 May, the film is in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. During the screening, the audience applauded for ten minutes (a showstopper even during the screening) and was very moved at “the end”.

The film’s success and excellent reviews have already triggered incredible interest for international sales such that the film has been requested by forty countries.


The stars are Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti in the roles of Beatrice and Donatella, two women staying in a therapeutic community. The plot tells the story of the talkative, noble-born Beatrice, and the shy, fragile Donatella, a single mother. La pazza gioia recounts the beginning of their poignant yet painful and complicated friendship, from its beginning up to the planning and execution of a madcap escape to discover the real world, the one outside the community, one that is all about living and laughing.

The partnership between Giorgio Tesi Group and Lotus Production was very positive. In addition to the availability of the nursery as the set for over 15 minutes of footage, some nursery employees had roles as extras in the film. Lotus Production chose the Giorgio Tesi Group’s plants for use in staging other sets in the film. The interactions with the director and the actresses were splendid.

Below is Lotus Production’s thank-you letter.

"Dear Giorgio Tesi Group, with the theatrical release of the film “La pazza gioia”, directed by Paolo Virzì, we would like to thank you for your warm welcome and indispensable cooperation. We would especially like to thank you for your logistical support as well as for your professional services and advice, which certainly made some of the film’s exteriors more vibrant and colorful."


"For us, it was an honor and a pleasure to host the filming of this movie by one of Italy’s most important film directors internationally today,” says Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group. “Paolo Virzì, besides being a great director, is also a delightful, pleasant person who transmits his joy and passion for beauty. Moreover, the actresses Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti, besides being great actresses, expressed remarkable human qualities. We are happy for the success that this film is enjoying internationally and to have contributed, with our plants, to exporting Italian quality around the world ".


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