The Giorgio Tesi Group and the Opera Festival in concert for a September dedicated to beauty and music

One of the novelties of the 2015 Montecatini Opera Festival is the arrival of Opera&Green, a truly unique event scheduled for 2-9 September. It is, moreover, the perfect occasion at which excellent music and marvelous plants are brought together to offer culture, cultivation, and promotion, thereby ensuring a perfect combination of art and nature.

As a result, it will truly be a “green week” during which the well-known Tettuccio Spa will be transformed into a delightful, very special open-air greenhouse, thanks to the plants from Pistoia and the Giorgio Tesi Group.

The company, headquartered in Via di Badia on the outskirts of Pistoia, has provided all the plants to be displayed: Strelizia Nicolai, Yucca Rostrata, beautiful roses, and Dracaena.

The exhibition follows a specific route that slowly unfolds before the visitor’s eyes as it crosses the spa’s entrance hall and then, as if protecting a precious treasure, encloses the entire perimeter of the colonnade surrounding the central area.

The public can enjoy a magnificent open-air stage setting amidst costly marbles and precious majolicas in an all-encompassing "green" embrace.

The highlight of the week-long Opera&Green event will be the closing on Wednesday, 9 September, with the presentation of the Parnaso prize, specially set up to recognize those artists who have distinguished themselves in the international arena. This year it will be awarded to the baritone Massimo Cavalletti after his successes at La Scala in Milan, Covent Garden in London, and the Metropolitan in New York.