Mediterranean Plants, One of Our Specialties

There are plants that bring to mind summer, the sea, and holidays. They are the Mediterranean plants we see along the avenues of seaside towns or that bloom in summer.


Our production has always been characterized by the cultivation of typical Mediterranean plants, whose varieties are grown in the Orbetello and Grosseto (Il Terzo) branches in the southernmost part of Tuscany, in the famous Maremma, and in San Benedetto del Tronto, a famous seaside resort on the Adriatic coast.


The special climate tempered by our nurseries` proximity to the sea allows us to grow several varieties (Arbutus unedo, Elaeagnus ebbingei, Feijoia sellowiana, Laurus nobilis, Ligustrum texanum, Olea oleaster, Olea cipressino, Pistacea lentiscus, Punica granatum, Quercus ilex, Teucrium fruticans, Viburnum tinus, and Viburnum tinus `Eve Price`) in addition to such species as Myrthus, Phillyrea, Pittosporum, and Nerium oleander that are more sensitive to cold.


With summer approaching, there are currently many promotions for these plants. If you would like to receive a personalized offer, please contact local sales for your area by clicking here, or request a non-binding quote directly from our company`s website (click here).