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Giorgio Tesi Group Speciality: plants as furnishing accessories

Topiary has had unlimited evolutions. From ancient history to modern times, the use has always been the same: create decorations, modelling the plants according to one’s own taste.

The evolution has led to using the plant as furnishing accessory.

This is how they became design objects. Thus, the realisation of plants shaped in different ways, creating walls or roofs. Real structures, able to combine usefulness to pleasantness.

All this is also due to the social change: houses external spaces have been reduced and consequently gardens dimensions.

 Roof-shaped trees, for example, allow giving a touch of green to places where it would be difficult to imagine it. It is as a shelter, occupying small structural volume, made of needles or leaves, according to the kind of plant chosen, under which it is possible to stop.

Apart from the roof-shaped, the espalier one is often chosen for its use versatility. The espalier shaped plants can be used to delimitate borders, to protect specific areas of a garden or terrace, to repair from wind, noises, or to have some shade.


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Roof-shaped trees

The Rose, queen of flowers - elegance, functionality, versatility

 Inevitable in the large or small garden or terrace, roses offer the possibility to create little corners of paradise with special atmosphere and elegance.

Climbing plants on the walls and espaliers, to cover structures such as gazebos, arches, pergolas, handrails, delimiting nets, groundcover plants on slopes and walls, shrubs to create coloured spots, saplings and weeping trees allow to have roses even in limited spaces. Climbing roses can be adapted to any kind of landscape.

It is possible to choose different kinds of roses according to the surface to be covered or decorated, in order to obtain harmonious results and facilitate their management during growth.


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The Rose, queen of flowers - elegance, functionality, versatility