Giorgio Tesi Group: quality, dynamism and efficiency

The Giorgio Tesi Group, a major company in the field of ornamental nursery, founded by brothers Giorgio and Tullio Tesi, is currently managed by their respective sons Claudio, Fabrizio (current legal representative of the group), and Tiziano Romeo Thesis. A passionate and motivated group that, since the 80s, started climbing the Italian and European markets to reach the current data that attest to one of the leading companies in the sector at European level. The production covers over 280 hectares (of which 15 are covered with glass and ombrari and over 80 crops pot), and today the company has over 150 employees distributed in the productive sector and commercial nurseries located...

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GREEN AND ENVIRONMENT   |   certifications

The Giorgio Tesi Group in Class A for respect for the environment.

A new important recognition of the “green” business for the Giorgio Tesi Group of Pistoia: in recent days the company obtained the MPS Class A certification by ECAS...
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Il Globo riprende vita con Pinocchio e le piante in arte topiaria.

La Giorgio Tesi Group porta Pinocchio e il verde sul Globo. Un allestimento realizzato in collaborazione con l’iniziativa Fiabescamente organizzata in queste settimane...
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Colours Explosion in Pistoia

The marvellous colours of the trees in autumn - Photos Nicolò Begliomini

As soon as autumn arrives trees display, in all their magnificence, an extraordinary...
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Centinaia di pini in regalo per la pineta di Marina

Li dona la Giorgio Tesi Group di Pistoia. Sindaco Bonifazi: “Ennesima dimostrazione di vicinanza al nostro territorio”. Assessore Monaci: “Pronti per...
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GREEN AND RESEARCH   |   Giorgio Tesi group and CNR

Giorgio Tesi Group & CNR - Cupresuss - TG3

The cypress is a plant that ideally represents a naturalistic Mediterranean landscape.
Threatened by numerous illnesses - among which is the Cypress cancer - the Institute for the Protection...
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Giorgio Tesi Group and CNR together to safeguard the Elm tree.

A new agreement between the National Advisory of Research (CNR) and the Giorgio Tesi Group for the experimentation of new varieties of plants: after having experimented with success the...
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Giorgio Tesi Group honored by Swiss Business Group as “The Best Small and Average Company”

Last Wednesday, 17th of April, in Fribourg, Switzerland, the third edition of Start2Match with 80 participants from Italy and other foreign countries,...
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GREEN AND CULTURE   |   The future is green

Giorgio Tesi Group lancia una nuova rivista sul vivaismo. Oggi la presentazione di redazione e contenuti.

E’ stata presentata oggi presso la Sala Terzani della Biblioteca San Giorgio di Pistoia la rivista Aboutplants edita dalla Giorgio Tesi Group. Aboutplants sarà una rivista web che...
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Grande successo della prima edizione del Premio Giorgio Tesi Junior

Venerdì  17 maggio, alle 17,30, presso il Piccolo Teatro Bolognini, si è svolta la consegna dei premi ai vincitori davanti a 350 studenti della quinta classe della scuola...
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Celebration of the tree at the primary elementary school, Ilva Nesci, of San Felice

“The Tree Song” as the soundtrack for the inauguration of the orchard at the San Felice elementary school. Thursday, June 7th, many young “green thumbs”...
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NATURART   |   Pistoia in the world, the world in Pistoia


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The True Face of Saint Francis
Pescia. Berlinghieri’s work, from 1235

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Important Showcase
The market in Piazza del Duomo

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The Master Craftsmen of Music
Pistoia, city of organs

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The howl returns
Wolves in Italy and the Pistoia area

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