The Giorgio Tesi Group bases its marketing and communication strategies on a fundamental concept: each plant must tell a story.

It is the story of the culture, arts and traditions of a region that produces the finest plants in the world, because behind every plant are centuries of history and skilful hands that have inherited the talent and experience of generations that have built a model of beauty: Tuscany.

It is the story of a family who love their native land and feel so proud of it that they wanted to make it known throughout the world through NATURART, a territorial marketing magazine distributed to 54 countries and the pride of the local area.

It is the story of places and of people that have designed landscapes and place of beauty in Tuscany, who can be found in, a local marketing portal that the company has created in association with the Region of Tuscany.

Thus beauty and roots are the lifeblood of the communication and added value of every plant from the Giorgio Tesi Group, which come with the values and passions of places that symbolise beauty, art and Tuscany. The plants become the vehicle of an artistic, cultural and scenic beauty particular to one area and, at the same time, express a universal and unifying aesthetic value, being free from any religious, cultural or subjective connotations.

See you at IPM 2017 – Essen, 24-27 January

In 2017, we will once again be at the IPM Essen international fair scheduled 24-27 January. Come visit us at stand B24, Hall 14 and take advantage of this perfect opportunity to plan spring 2017 together with our staff.

We are looking forward to see many of you...
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Press Release of the Tesi Family regarding the Giorgio Tesi Group and Sandro Bruschi Vivai agreement

In these last days we have witnessed, with great surprise, the spreading of news and information, some false, others only biased, regarding the contents and effects of the agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Sandro Bruschi Vivai. We have heard and read all kinds of things and noticed, since...
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Agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Vivai Sandro Bruschi

Giorgio Tesi Group company and Vivai Sandro Bruschi company communicate they have defined and signed and agreement thanks to which the 42 posts of Bruschi Vivai will be maintained



″I am pleased to have defined this agreement and thank Giorgio Tesi...
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