This is a new production branch in a strategic location along the Via Aurelia, near the Orbetello Lagoon. The special temperate climate of the lagoon area allows us to cultivate Mediterranean species that are more sensitive to cold, such as Teucrium, Callistemon, Ceratonia, Schinus, Camphora, Chamaerops Excelsa, Cerifera, Humilis Washingtonia, Phoenix Canariensis and many others.
In addition to these varieties, which are the main production of the branch, individual trees including olives, Punica, Ceratonia, Eucalyptus, Tamarix, citruses and Pinus Pinea are available in containers and ready for delivery throughout the year.


Sales department
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Production manager

See you at IPM 2017 – Essen, 24-27 January

In 2017, we will once again be at the IPM Essen international fair scheduled 24-27 January. Come visit us at stand B24, Hall 14 and take advantage of this perfect opportunity to plan spring 2017 together with our staff.

We are looking forward to see many of you...
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Press Release of the Tesi Family regarding the Giorgio Tesi Group and Sandro Bruschi Vivai agreement

In these last days we have witnessed, with great surprise, the spreading of news and information, some false, others only biased, regarding the contents and effects of the agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Sandro Bruschi Vivai. We have heard and read all kinds of things and noticed, since...
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Agreement between Giorgio Tesi Group and Vivai Sandro Bruschi

Giorgio Tesi Group company and Vivai Sandro Bruschi company communicate they have defined and signed and agreement thanks to which the 42 posts of Bruschi Vivai will be maintained



″I am pleased to have defined this agreement and thank Giorgio Tesi...
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