The Giorgio Tesi Group is a brand that has been recorded and filed with the Chamber of Commerce with the aim of connecting all of the family group’s various companies that, today, include production, trade, real estate, publishing, and services, in addition to a charitable foundation which the family wished to set up in memory of Giorgio and Tullio Tesi.

The commercial part concentrates on developing its business and selling our products, currently, in fifty-four countries worldwide. The company’s main business is exports, with 84-85% of the group’s entire turnover from exports, depending on the fiscal year. The remainder is from Italy.
When I talk about fifty-four countries, it is clear that old Europe has predominated historically. For years, the company has invested in other areas, e.g., Eastern Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Caucasian regions.

Let’s return to the company, whose business is producing plants that are then sold and exported to Italy and the rest of the world.
Let's say that it has about five hundred hectares under production. One of this company's strong points is that it is structured not only with the eighteen business centers currently in Pistoia, but also with branches distributed around Italy according to the type of plant varieties. Thus, a branch like the one in Piadena, in northern Italy, is the one where tall trees in particular are produced, hence the large tree plantation.

We have one branch office in San Benedetto; one in Grosseto on a one-hundred hectare, rectangular piece of land with Mediterranean plants; and one in Orbetello, which is basically a boutique on eight hundred meters of road frontage along the Aurelia before the Orbetello exit.

From these branches, and clearly from the various business centers that we have in Pistoia, products depart for the entire world and therefore different kinds of products, with hundreds and hundreds of different varieties. And when I say to the entire world, I don’t mean to just those fifty-four countries. However, if you also look at the number of customers, I would say they go to a clientele that ranges between 2,500 and 2,700 customers each year. This more varied clientele is because we have business customers. We have large nurseries. We have large retailers, builders, landscapers, in Italy and, I would like to repeat, in the rest of the world.

Marco Cappellini
General Director Giorgio Tesi Group

Giorgio Tesi Group erwartet Sie auf der neuen IPM ESSEN 2018

2018 können die Besucher der 36. Ausgabe der IPM Essen, der bedeutendsten internationalen Messe für den Gartenbau, vom 23. bis 26. Januar einen Teil der neuen "Messe Essen" bewundern, der letztes Jahr von Renovierungsarbeiten betroffen war.


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