For the GIORGIO TESI GROUP, welcoming visitors is synonymous with hospitality, a typical trait of the Tesi family tradition and the culture of our region.
This hospitality, increasingly appreciated by our customers, is seen in the expertise and experience of an international sales staff of native speaking professionals, who support customers for the entire duration of their stay at our nurseries. Each customer is welcomed by a sales representative that speaks their own language or one known to them both.
Our sales representatives are people trusted by our customers, with whom they establish genuinely friendly relations. They offer them the best advice to satisfy their needs and requests and assist with every aspect of their orders, from the choice of plants to the departure of the shipment, also remaining available for any subsequent needs.
The Giorgio Tesi Group provides some apartments for its customers at the company headquarters or, when scheduling the visit, the sales representative can reserve accommodation in the customer’s name in hotels with which the company has a special arrangement. Hospitality also means good food, which our customers can enjoy at lunch with the Tesi family, where they can enjoy typical Tuscan specialties together with a selection of the best local wines.
To book a visit to our nurseries, please contact your local sales representative.

Giorgio Tesi Group is expecting you at the renovated IPM ESSEN 2018

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